Information for Parents

Here is some very valuable information about bees for parents. Strangely there is a lot of fear and misinformation out there. Hopefully this article will make you pause for thought. Teach your children how to love bees. I can't tell you how many times I have heard the refrain about "bees" chasing children, being aggressive when it's clear the person is actually referring to a wasp. Bees are largely uninterested in humans, and only sting defensively, among other things. This article sheds far more light on the subject. Parenting Magazine "Teaching Kids to Love Bees"

"There are kids who watch in wonder as the honeybees land on the stones in our birdbath and drink water through their delicate tongues, and there are kids who cover their hair with their hands and run away screaming. There are kids who knock on our door to buy a jar of honey and ask to see our bees, and there are kids who will poke a long stick through our fence and bang it against the roof of a hive."

As we have all come to realize, bees provide very many things to our ecosystem, the stings are simply a defense mechanism, not something to be feared. 

Hilary Kearney also talks about teaching kids today in her article "How to Teach kids about Bees"

"There are so many amazing facts and details about hive life that you can share to get kids excited about bees. Make a list of your favorite factoids and be sure to integrate lots of them into you talk. Let your wonder and excitement shine through at these moments."