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Elwin and Ruth Ames
Elwin and Ruth Ames

    The Ames (Irish: Eames) family have a long tradition of farming in Canada. After immigrating from County Down Northern Ireland they established their roots in the Eastern Townships of Quebec where they practiced subsistence agriculture. In 1908 Gordon Ames founded the "Ames Farm" in Melbourne, 2 lots of 350 acres where he raised Holsteins, chickens and grew hay.

    It was a tough go in those early years, but soon enough Gordon's son Elwin took over the property and built it into sizable dairy operation. Tough weather, a lack of electrical infrastructure and a barn fire didn't slow him down one bit.


    Ames Farm, Melbourne Quebec

    Elwin was of slight build, but one of the strongest and most resilient men you could ever meet. Ruth Ames (nee Skillen) was also incredibly hard working, jovial and extremely kind. The Ames family are now spread across Canada. Some in Manitoba, and ourselves, well of course we are living in beautiful rural Nova Scotia. In the spirit and tradition of those early Ames pioneers we welcome you to our site and mini-apiary. I hope you enjoy our honey products and join us in our efforts to protect our threatened pollinators.

    Sincerely, Vincent Ames Vallee

    Elwin and Vinecnt

    Elwin Ames & Vincent (1975)

    Myrna Ames (1949)

    Upper Melbourne, Quebec, 1910